Poll; Are There More Atheists in the U.S. Now Than in the Past?


Summary: Atheism is on the rise, and in an effort to both let others know they aren’t alone and to spread the use of reason and logic, atheists are becoming ever more vocal in the culture war raging across the USA. In addition to briefly discussing the Reason Rally and atheist advertisements, the article also has a poll asking if there are more atheists in the USA now than in the past.

From the article:

Atheists groups also had been erecting billboards across the country in advance of the rally with their message, according to CNN, which recently reported on a billboard placed in a Muslim neighborhood in New Jersey that said in both English and Arabic, “You know it’s a myth… and you have a choice.”

“We’re looking for equality for atheists,” David Silverman, president of  American Atheists, told CNN. “We are here to say there are atheists in your community, in your church.”


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