Uncovered Internal Memos Reveal NOM’s Race Based Anti-Gay Strategy


Summary: Just when you thought the anti-gay “National Organization for Marriage” couldn’t get any lower, they get plunged deeper into their own scum. Confidential internal memos have been obtained and released by the Human Rights Campaign, and these memos have revealed that NOM’s primary strategy to fight against marriage equality is to create hostility against the gay rights movement in the black and Hispanic communities. And causing them to sink even lower still, these memos also reveal another part of NOM’s game plan.

From the Article:

The NOM memos do elaborate one new tactic, however. In a section in one of them about “documenting the victims” of same-sex marriage, $120,000 is budgeted for an outreach coordinator “to identify the children of gay parents willing to speak on camera.” Thus an organization ostensibly devoted to family values is going to start encouraging people to publicly denounce their closest relatives.


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